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Thursday, March 5th Classes are all OPEN beginning with 4pm classes.


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Adult Fitness

Adult Gym Fit:

This is a new class/workout time for the adults that want to workout on equipment unlike any other gym in Conway can offer.  During this one hour block ages 18 and up can come and work out under supervision of our experienced staff. 

Currently the time slot for this workout time is Sundays at 3:00pm to 4:00pm. 

One offering with this class that is currently not available for our other classes is our GymFit Punchcard.

A 5 class Punchcard is $65.00

A 10 class Punchcard is $120.00

These cards are good through the end of the school year and can be shared with friends, and allows you to participate in classes in whatever frequency you desire.




The benefits of "Gym Muscle"

GYM MUSCLE (by Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S.)
Let's say you can pass my pushup test- that doesn't mean you're above bodyweight training. Gymnasts train with their own weight almost exclusively and often have better bodies and strength levels than your average bodybuilder or weightlifter. That's especially incredible when you bear in mind that their sport isn't at all based on body aesthetics or max lifts. According to Nick Grantham, C.S.C.S., former conditioning coach for the Great Britain Olympic Gymnastics team, after years of body-weight training alone, the majority of male gymnasts are able to bench press double their body weight the first time they ever slide under a bar. If that doesn't prove the efficacy of body-weight training, nothing will.

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