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Adult Dance Classes

Based on market demand, Sonshine Academy offers adult dance classes in ballet, tap, hip-hop, and jazz. These classes are more recreational in nature since a graded syllabus is not used, however students will still be exposed to all basic techniques of dance.

At Sonshine Academy we use a graded tap syllabus, which is strongly influenced by the techniques of the Al Gilbert method. Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement. The class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun. As students progress through each level curriculum will become increasingly more complex and intricate.

 Hip Hop:
Hip Hop is offered to those who have an interest in more contemporary dance styles made popular by the music video industry. Hip-Hop is less technical in nature and does not require the student to be enrolled in a ballet class. This makes it an excellent choice for older beginning level dancers with little or no classical training. Students will learn balance, strength, coordination, stage presence, and basic elements of "funk" and "urban" styles which include house, popping, locking, freezes, waving, and gliding.



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