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Competitive Gymnastics Teams

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For our students who desire to compete in the Olympic sport of Gymnastics, we offer boys and girls TEAM programs for compulsory through optional level competition. Our philosophy on competition is -- competition can be a healthy, positive experience when approached with an attitude of self-discipline and sportsmanship.   Since our coaching philosophy forms the foundation of how we approach teaching in general and coaching competitive gymnastics in particular, it is important that we communicate this foundation to you.    


1. Our number one premise is that your children are a precious gift from God and they are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Not only do we have to answer to you, the parent, but God as well, in how your child is influenced, instructed, and coached. Because we respect the inherent, God-given dignity of all people, including your child, we will coach, motivate, and correct your child using positive coaching feedback when helpful and disciplinary correction when necessary. We believe that it is good for a child to learn in this type of environment because not only is a child’s self-esteem affirmed, but they also learn respect for authority and for others. We also believe as coaches we need to be a good example in the way we live our lives in and out of the gym. We spend a lot of time with your child and we do not take that lightly. We recognize what an influence we are on them and we want to be a good influence.

2. Amount of workout time - We believe children need time to be children; to laugh, play, and spend time with family and friends. The amount of workout time does make a difference in how a child performs. However, we have seen many children who simply burn out after one, two, or three years when they spend too many hours in the gym. We believe the workout that we have designated for each team is sufficient to be a good gymnast. Yes, we like to win meets and we love our gymnasts to be on the top of the podium and we work hard to see that happens. In fact, we believe there are boys and girls on our gymnastics teams who have the potential to compete in college. That potential will not be reached though if we push them too hard too soon. Because of this, we structure our workout schedules to gradually progress from 3 hours/week up to a maximum of 12 hours/week. From our perspective, we would be adding to the problems families are experiencing these days if we adopted a workout philosophy that required more gym time.  

3. We believe in putting the safety of your child above everything else. Sometimes parents may think their child should be progressing faster than they seem to be. There may be several reasons for what seems to be slow progress. We make certain that we teach and coach in a progressive manner. We will not allow a child to skip progressions of a skill. Yes, they may survive a trick at first, and seem to make faster progress if we skip some steps—but how long before a serious injury takes place? We believe a child must be ready physically (strength and flexibility) and mentally (confident and willing to take the risk) in order to move on to harder and harder skills. We enjoy teaching the “big” tricks and do so whenever a gymnast is ready. Being able to perform a difficult skill makes both the gymnast and coach look good. However, our ego as a coach is never more important than the safety of your child!

4. Finally, we believe that we have an opportunity to instill into your children some things which will transcend their ability to do a back handspring or a kip, etc. Things like discipline, setting goals, respect for authority, taking turns, cheering for someone else even when you may not be “hitting” that day, working hard toward a goal, how to handle success and defeat, being part of a team, and trusting a coach to help you learn. The list goes on and on.

We want you to know that we take the privilege of coaching your child very seriously. Because of that, we believe the first things you need to know about our team program are the foundational philosophies by which we operate.

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