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For Guys Only

 We get asked all of the time --- Is gymnastics just for girls or do boys take gymnastics too? The answer is definitely “yes boys take gymnastics also”! Sonshine Academy has one of the largest boys gymnastics programs in the state of Arkansas. Listed below are several awesome reasons why gymnastics is a great sport for girls and boys:
1. It builds coordination.
2. It builds strength and flexibility.
3. It increases kinesthetic awareness.
4. It builds self-confidence.
5. Men’s Fitness Magazine declared men’s gymnastics the world’s toughest sport. (article HERE)
6. Elite male gymnasts are way off the scale compared to other athletes in overall fitness.
7. Great building block for enhanced skill development in other sports.

 Once students reach school age we separate into  boys only and girls only classes.  Sonshine Academy offers classes that will benefit boys who want to pursue gymnastics as a competitive sport as well as those who wish to use these classes as building blocks for other sports.   Sonshine Academy offers the following "Boys Only" classes:  


Boys Gymnastics:

Sonshine Academy offers instruction on all 6 Men's Olympic Events which are Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar.  In addition we will train trampoline skills and work on flexibility and strength.  We are one of the few gyms in the state to have all of the Men's Olympic Equipment.  Our school age gymnastics program follows a specific class hierarchy. Placement in a class is dependent upon the skill level and physical ability of the gymnast. Our classes are “progressive”, which means that they work like building blocks. Gymnasts must have fundamental skills and physical abilities to build on, and each level of class works on skills that build off of previously developed physical abilities and skills. Beginner boys start in Flippers. Each level of class is also subdivided by age group. The progression of classes is:

· Flippers: Age groups are Kindergarten, K-1st, 1st-2nd, & 3rd grade +.

· Twisters: Age groups are 1st-2nd, 3rd grade +.

· Dynamos: Age groups 1st grade +.                                                              


Boys Only Tumbling:

Sonshine Academy offers tumbling classes for boys ages 1st grade and up based on the USASF levels 1-5. Pre-requisites are required for each level and the office will be happy to assist you in finding the best class to meet your skill level.  We believe very strongly in teaching our tumbling classes based on progressions. Our written tumbling curriculum teaches our students using progressions of skills in order to ensure their safety and proper technique.  If your son likes tumbling and flipping but isn't interested in the apparatus (rings, p-bars, high bar, vault) - this is the class for him. 

Boys Sports Fitness:

 Sports Fitness Info HERE


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