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Preschool Gymnastics


The preschool years are critical for children in learning to control and coordinate the movements of their bodies. With so many activities available for your preschool age child, some of you may wonder what sets Sonshine Academy apart from all the others? Our answer is EVERYTHING. . . from our teachers to our curriculum to our facility – they are superior.

 Sonshine Academy’s Preschool Jungle Gym is specially designed to blend the endless energy and enthusiasm of preschoolers with the experience of our teachers into the neatest, coolest, and in the words of most 3 year olds “funnest” place in the world to learn gymnastics. Everything is painted and designed around a friendly jungle motif with equipment all scaled down to a preschooler’s size. We have everything a preschooler needs to develop gross motor skills -- enclosed trampolines, slides, foam pit, rope, bars, trapeze, beams, lots of various shaped mats, and the list just goes on and on. Each class is an energy charged adventure in motor skills, listening skills, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and body awareness activities.

During each 40-minute class students participate in a large group activity and two “Adventure Trails”. The large group activity begins with “circle time” where the children learn gymnastics body positions and warm-up their bodies by stretching. The kids don’t know that is what they are doing because the teachers make a game out of it. The kids just know they are having fun and learning. Our teachers are incredibly creative in making these games fun and imaginative. For example, if a teacher wants to teach body positions to a new group of students she may play one of our simpler games called “The Name Game”. In this game the students imitate the body position made by the teacher and shout out the name of the body position. After body position games and stretching games, the children participate in a gross motor activity to music. During this time they may march, run, gallop, hop on one foot, and then the other, skip, etc.

       After circle time is done, the next part of the class is the “Adventure Trails.” An adventure trail consists of a course of several stations performed in a particular order. A sample adventure trail could include the following stations: Forward roll on a wedge-shaped mat, support then forward roll on a preschool bar, walking or galloping on a low, “wider than normal” balance beam, climbing over or under an object, a hand-eye coordination station, swinging on the rope into the pit, and performing straddle jumps on the trampoline. The combinations and skills are endless and always fun and creative. 

Finally, after students have had time on both adventure trails, class ends with students receiving a stamp or a sticker for the concluding activity.

· Preschool gymnastics classes are for both boys and girls.
· Classes are 40 minutes in length.
· Students receive instruction from qualified gymnastics coaches while parents can observe from the comfort of our climate-controlled lobby. 

· Generally, students come one time per week but can attend more than once per week if desired.
· Our student teacher ratio is a maximum of 8 students per instructor.
· We offer a choice of either morning or evening classes.
· Regarding what to wear, we recommend a leotard for girls and shorts and t-shirt for boys.

The Jungle Gym Preschool gymnastics program is the perfect opportunity for your child to have FUN and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally!



Preschool Sports Fitness

Another great class that we offer to introduce your preschooler to team sports as well as develop the foundations of movement.  Click here for more information.


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