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Thursday, March 5th Classes are all OPEN beginning with 4pm classes.


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Playful Parenting


Playful Parenting is family fun... wrapped in a professionally planned, educationally sound program of developmental movements and sensory motor experiences. This continuous, year-round program is designed to guide you in helping your 18-month through 3 years of age boy or girl develop motor skills through interactive play as well as social skills with others in a positive atmosphere.

While this class is structured, it is less structured than our preschool classes due to the children’s age and developmental stage. For example, if a child wants to do a particular station several times rather than moving through the adventure trail – that’s ok. Children at this age love repetition. At least one parent or adult family member participates in class with their child, but both parents are welcome to participate. We love to have both moms and dads enjoy the fun!

What exactly do they do?
A qualified preschool gymnastics instructor will facilitate and oversee the class, which includes instruction in developing basic floor skills (cartwheels, rolls, handstands) as well as balance beam, bars, and trampoline skills. We will help you introduce your child to the wonderful world of gymnastics and movement through a variety of fun and challenging activities. Each class includes movements to music that develop gross motor skills, flexibility, and body awareness.  We teach students using a system of “Adventure Trails.” An adventure trail consists of a course of several stations performed in a particular order. One station might be working on a forward roll on a wedge-shaped mat, another station might be jumping down the tumble trampoline, another could be bar skills that involve upper body strength, and yet another might involve balance. We also use stations that work on hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Generally, classes include a brief group “circle time” for musical activities and two different adventure  trails.

Just the Facts:
· Students in this class come one time per week for either a 30 or 40-minute class.
· For parent’s convenience and choice, we offer both morning and evening classes.
· Regarding what to wear; for the children we recommend a leotard for girls and shorts and t-shirt for boys; for the parents we recommend clothing that will be comfortable for activity.


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